Signature Spa Therapies

  2. A luxurious and energizing treatment to relive muscular tension and improve blood circulation. This treatment includes a firm and rhythmic massage , a heat stimulating wrap of exotic spices and herbs, and a refreshing head massage.


  4. This unique treatment is designed specifically to compliment weight reduction. This fast paced massage will target your problem areas using oils that help in cellulite reduction. The treatment includes the application of a thermal body pack that tones your body and improves circulation.

  5. HOT STONE THERAPY    60mins. ,   90mins.

  6. Hot volcanic stones are placed on energy centers of your body or massaged into tense and stiff muscles to aid in blissful relaxation. Health benefits include improving circulation, calming the nervous system and releasing blocked energies from your body. While one therapist works on easing out tired muscles, another therapist will work the hot stones on the key points of your body, cocooning you in tranquility.

  7. LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE    60mins.

  8. A unique blend of herbal oils combined with the lymphatic drainage technique works from within, eliminating toxins and impurities while cleansing and refining the whole system.

  9. FOUR HANDS MASSAGE    60mins.    90mins.

  10. Four-handed massage is a massage where two therapists work on you at the same time, mirroring each others’ movements. Envelop yourself in pure sensation as your body is lulled into a deep state of relaxation by our skilled hands.