1. AROMATHERAPY,    60mins,    90mins. ,    (with Head & Face) 90mins.

  2. Alternating thumb and palm strokes, this gentle massage works on your tired muscles while the fragrant oil blends release mental tension and induces an immense sense of tranquility .

  3. DEEP TISSUE  60mins,   90mins,   (with Head & Face) 90mins.

  4. A highly recommended massage if you prefer firm pressure and techniques that manipulate and work with the deeper muscular tissues in your body.

  5. SWEDISH 60mins,   90mins,   (with Head & Face) 90mins.

  6. The classic Swedish is a gentle to firm, soothing oil massage working within the muscle and soft tissue to release stress and tension.

  7. BALINESE 60mins,   90mins,   (with Head & Face) 90mins.

  8. The best thing to come out of Bali, this massage uses Thai-style body stretches with powerful oil massage techniques that will leave your body light as air.

  9. DRY MASSAGE 60mins.

  10. An energizing dry massage that works on your body using a combination of stretches, pressure points and palm presses.
    *Clients are requested to wear loose clothing.

  11. SUPER BNS (BACK, NECK AND SHOULDERS)  30mins,   45mins,   60mins.

  12. Relax and let our skilled hands lift the weight of the world off your shoulders.

  13. HEAD MASSAGE 30mins,   45mins.

  14. Release everyday tension and stress with our refreshing head massage.

  15. FOOT REFLEXOLOGY / MASSAGE 30mins,   45mins.

  16. A soothing massage to revive the most tired and aching feet.